Nice Town, Normal People

7:00 pm
East Blue Hill’s Founders Hall
1282 Morgan Bay Road, East Blue Hill, ME, 04629

Rhizome Theater Company, a new community-based nonprofit documentary theater group, will present their acclaimed documentary theater show NICE TOWN, NORMAL PEOPLE in free performances on July 7th and 13th at 7 P.M. in East Blue Hill’s Founders Hall. The show explores the idea of “home”, particularly in a small-town setting, and is comprised of nearly 100 interviews with residents of the town of Arroyo Grande, CA.

NICE TOWN, NORMAL PEOPLE is an untraditional new play that boldly aims to expand notions of what it means to share space in the theater and the world beyond. Featuring new music composed by Makulumy Alexander-Hills, it asks and embodies the questions of what community is, should, and could be. It wonders how we may best live together and make a better shared home despite the divisions of our fractured time. As such, it actively involves community discussion.

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