A small, lively town at the southern end of the Peninsula, Brooklin was initially settled as part of the town of Sedgwick. Brooklin was incorporated independently in 1849. With miles of beautiful shoreline come the town’s chief industries of fishing and boatbuilding. The town is world-famous for its boatbuilding history and is home The Brooklin Boat Yard, The Wooden Boat School and Wooden Boat Magazine, along with many smaller builders and design shops as well as artists, writers, musicians, and potters.

Brooklin offers a charming town center with a beautiful library, small shops, galleries, groceries and provisions. Along its winding roads, travelers will catch stunning glimpses of the Benjamin River and the Eggemoggin Reach.

Brooklin hosts several well-known events each year, including the Eggemoggin Reach Regatta and a magnificent 4th of July parade.