Surry is situated on the west bank of the Union River bay, in Hancock County.  On the north-east it is bounded by Ellsworth, on the south-west, by Blue Hill, on the west by Orland and Penobscot.  Toddy Pond forms part of the boundary between Surry and Penobscot, and on the line between Surry and Ellsworth are the two Patten ponds whose outlet is Patten Stream. Fishways were constructed to connect these ponds in 1872, and have since been stocked with alewives and salmon. Every year in late spring, alewives return to Patten Bay and can be seen from the town landing making their way up a man made fish passage to Patten Stream to reach their freshwater spawning grounds from the sea.

Surry is home to several Blue Hill Heritage Trust hiking trails, scenic peninsula drives, and rocky beaches. Seasonal eatery, Perry’s Lobster Shack, offers oceanfront dining, while year-round Pugnuts Ice Cream Shop is open for year round treats.