The New Millenium Jelly Rollers & Community Supper at the Halcyon Grange

6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Halcyon Grange Hall
1157 Pleasant St., Blue Hill, ME, 04614

Join The New Millennium Jelly Rollers for an evening of raucous music and belly-shaking hilarity!
Bagpipes will blare, fiddles will squall, mouth harps will wail, and the lush fields of Hancock County will resound with joyful noise. This is more than just a concert—it’s an epic portrayal of the human struggle against modernity as well as a group singalong, hoedown and community dinner. All shows are a lot of fun for adults and kids alike, so bring your friends and family and come ready to cut loose and sing out! This show will also feature Maine-based virutousos Baron Collins-Hill (of Velocipede) and Emily Horne Jeffries, performing music in the old-time style.

 Friday September 2nd, 6 PM for bean & casserole supper, 7 PM for the show.
at 1157 Pleasant St, Blue Hill, ME

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