Seed Stewardship: Cultivating Pollinator Pathways & Saving Heirloom Seeds

2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Blue Hill Public Library
5 Parker Point Rd, Blue Hill, ME, 04614

The Blue Hill Library and the SEED Barn will co-sponsor a workshop on cultivating pollinator pathways and saving heirloom seeds, at the library on Saturday May 5th at 2:00 PM.

This workshop will offer information on how to grow out heirloom vegetables with the intention of saving seeds, including isolation distances for different types of plants, overwintering for biennial roots and brassicas, and seed harvesting. Seeds granted by the Seed Matters program ( will be freely available for community members who would like to try their hand at seed saving.

Since augmenting pollinator habitat helps increase crop yield, the workshop will also cover the needs of pollinators, including access to food, water, shelter and space to raise their young in order to thrive.

Local artist Lee Lee founded the SEED Barn to engage a network of schools and land stewards, at the intersection of art and ecology, to promote long-term restoration of natural habitats. Building habitat for birds and pollinators through providing accessible platforms for community participation develops a sense of our relationships with the natural world, which the SEED Barn feels is essential to the effectiveness of conservation work. For more information, contact the library at 374-5515.

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