Puffin & Pelagic Boat Trip

9:00 am - 2:00 pm
Old Quarry Ocean Adventures
130 Settlement Rd, Stonington, Maine, 04681

On this 5 hour trip you will head out to Seal Island, owned by the US Fish and Wildlife Service, to view a puffin colony that is monitored by the National Audubon Society through The Project Puffin. Seal Island is grass covered and barren of trees and is a world unto itself 20 miles out to sea.

You may see other pelagic birds on the Puffin & Pelagic Boat Trips including the uncommon “Common Murre”, arctic terns, gulls, sea ducks, great cormorants, razorbills, gannets, red-necked phalarope, mure, scoters, loons and guillemots as well as marine animals including harbor seals, gray seals, and possibly porpoises and whales.

Box lunches, beverages and snacks available at Old Quarry. Please order lunches at least a day ahead

The vessel Nigh Duck typically leaves Old Quarry at 9:00 am and returns at 2:00 pm for the Puffin & Pelagic Boat trips – please refer to the boat schedule  for more information.

RATES: (minimum 12 people per scheduled trip)
$50/children under 12

Custom, private Puffin & Pelagic Boat Trips are also available by request any time during the season at private charter hourly rates per rate sheet

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