Cirque and Musique Summer Camp

Cirque and Musique Summer Camp
7/8/2024 - 7/12/2024    
9:00 am - 2:00 pm
Bagaduce Music Library
49 South Street, Blue Hill, Maine, 04684

Cirque and Musique Summer Camp
Learn Circus arts, acrobatics and dance with Molly Gawler
Learn Circus music with fiddler Maisie Newell and guitarist Eric Dayan

Beginners are welcome. Children, teens, adults, movers of all ages and abilities are encouraged to come learn circus arts in Molly’s class.
Folks playing instruments of all kinds and all abilities are welcome to come learn in Maisie & Eric’s class.

Molly is a world renowned Dancer and Circus Artist who has traveled the world and come to roost in her home state of Maine.
Maisie is a world class fiddler with deep roots in traditional Maine fiddling as well as Romanian, Old Time, French Canadian, and Downeast Maritime styles.
Eric is a top-notch guitar player with Django style and pumping Downeast backup for fiddle tunes.

This summer camp is meant for children, teens, adults and families.
It is a day camp running from
break for lunch
Monday July 8 to Friday July 12
with a show of collaborative circus and music arts on Friday July 12 open to friends and family, plus the public.

Acrobats meet in the mornings with Molly,
Musicians meet in the mornings with Maisie and Eric,
Both come together to create and collaborate in the afternoons.

Lodging and tenting sites are available if there are folks who would like to stay overnight. Meals are not included. The Blue Hill Coop is conveniently nearby. Young children will be expected to have a caregiver drop them off, provide their lunch, and pick them up at the beginning and ending of each day. Parents are encouraged to stay and observe, and also have the option of dropping children off for the day at 9:00 and coming back at 2:00.

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