Blue Hill Heritage Trust Event – Mushroom Walk at Snow’s Cove

Blue Hill Heritage Trust Event - Mushroom Walk at Snow's Cove
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Snow's Cove Preserve
Snow's Cove Rd, Sedgwick, ME



Sponsored by the Blue Hill Heritage Trust

Mushroom fungi are secretive and usually out of view belowground, but in the fall after a rain they reveal themselves in spectacular displays of mushroom fruiting bodies. Through decomposition and connectivity, mushrooms are the ultimate recyclers in the biosphere and are essential to the well-being and ecological balance of the forest. Mushrooms surprise and delight us with their diversity and bizarre morphology.

On our walk along the Snow’s Cove Nature Trail, we will observe numerous fall mushrooms and cover the basics of mushroom identification, but also we will become aware of the often overlooked signs of the underground activities of mushrooms and other fungi and how they contribute to the ecology of the Maine forest.

Parking is limited at the BHHT Snow’s Cove site, so park at the Sedgewick School. A shuttle will be provided to the trail head.

Tuesday, September 22th, 1-3 pm, Fall Mushrooms Walk and Talk. A Blue Hill Heritage Trust Walk and Talk. Snow’s Cove, Sedgwick
Call BHHT at 374-5118 for directions and to register.

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