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Maine Coast Veterinary Hospital

Veterinary Services for Every Need

Area residents, seasonal visitors, and those stopping by on vacation find their pet care needs easily met at Maine Coast Veterinary Hospital. You can expect the finest pet care in the region, provided by our exceptional team of professionals and our affiliates at Lucerne Veterinary Hospital.

Comprehensive services include internal medicine, veterinary surgery, diagnostics and imaging, dental care, and urgent care. For pets with chronic conditions, we keep your companion comfortable with the latest pain management medications and techniques. End of life care is gently and compassionately provided when it is needed.

Keeping Dogs & Cats Healthy from the Start

Our services are designed to provide optimum care with the least stress to you and your pet. Our team is sensitive to feline and canine temperaments, providing a safe, welcoming environment for all pets, at all stages of life: puppies, kittens, adult, and senior pets.

Owners of young pets receive our puppy and kitten preventive care kits at their first visit, which include pet care products, supplies, and informative handouts to get your little ones off to a great start.

Combining services is a wonderful convenience for pet owners. At your annual visit, we can perform a comprehensive exam and dental assessment, diagnostic lab work, vaccinations, and parasite prevention, as well as complete health certificates as needed and even place a microchip.

163 South Street
Blue Hill, ME 04614 United States