Member Businesses: Environment & Outdoors

Island Heritage Trust

The Island Heritage Trust is a non-profit private land trust dedicated to conservation that protects significant open space, scenic areas, wildlife habitats, natural resources, and historic and cultural features that offer public benefit and are essential to the character of the Deer Isle area.

Our membership is open to all. We are funded by the tax-deductible charitable contributions of our members. A board of 11 volunteer members governs the Trust through its Chair and Executive Director and staff.

Mission Statement

IHT contributes to the well-being of the island community by conserving its distinctive landscapes and natural resources, maintaining public access to valued trails, shoreline and islands, and by providing educational programming for all ages.

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42 Sunset Rd
Deer Isle, ME 04627 



Native Gardens of Blue Hill

The mission of Native Gardens of Blue Hill is to create public gardens of Maine native plants to demonstrate their beauty and value and to encourage sustainable gardening practices. Since 2015, we have been building a demonstration garden at the campus of Bagaduce Music on South St with the help of volunteers. Recently, we have begun to deepen our mission to include training and support for existing and new businesses in the field of sustainable landscaping, including the nursery trade. We envision serving as a training ground for entrepreneurship and innovation, a hub for ecological best practices in the community, and the supportive home to a regional guild of sustainable landscape stewards.

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On the site of Bagaduce Music at 49 South Street
Blue Hill, ME 04614 


Chickadee Compost

We are a community composting business that collects compostable waste from around the peninsula and turns it into a high quality soil amendment.

641 Reach Road
Sargentville, ME 04673 


(207) 213-0699 (Main)

Brooklin Garden Club

Garden club covering Brooklin, Brooksville, Sedgwick and Penobscot.  We also have members from Blue Hill and Deer Isle.


Verena A. Stoll, Treasurer


68 Old Quarry Road

Brooksville, ME 04617 United States


(207) 326-4302

Shaw Institute and Blue Hill Research Center

55 Main Street
Blue Hill, ME 04614 



Blue Hill Heritage Trust

The mission of the Blue Hill Heritage Trust is: To lead in conserving land, water, and wildlife habitat on the greater Blue Hill Peninsula. To teach and practice a stewardship ethic. To promote ecological, economic, and community health for this and future generations.

BHHT maintains a vast network of trails and road systems across the Blue Hill Peninsula and offers free programming year round. Visit their website for a list of events, trail maps, and more!

Who We Are:

We are a nationally accredited nonprofit, donor-based land conservation organization founded in 1985 by residents of the Blue Hill Peninsula in coastal Maine. We are working to conserve the farmland, forest, wetlands, and wildlife habitat needed to sustain ecological and community health in a changing climate. Our goal is to protect the resources and sense of place upon which traditional livelihood depends, and to work with our communities to embrace a stewardship ethic. We recognize the value of conserving land and water for its own sake, as well as valuing the recreational, economic, and quality-of-life benefits of conservation. By advancing this vital connection between healthy land and healthy communities, the Trust strives to be fully involved in peninsula communities through strong collaborations with our partners, including municipalities. To date, Blue Hill Heritage Trust has protected over 10,000 acres of land that will be forever stewarded for wildlife, recreation, scenic beauty, sustainable use and historical importance.

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157 Hinckley Ridge Rd
Blue Hill, ME 04614