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Friends of Fort Knox

Non-profit 501(c)(3) organization formed in 1991 to preserve Maine State Historic Site Fort Knox. Assumed complete management under contract with Maine DoT for Penobscot Narrows Observatory in 2007 and Dept Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry in 2012. We perform major and minor restoration, preservation, conservation projects on the Fort and grounds as well as provide Interpretive History Tours, Gift Shop, Attendance Booth, Operations, Special Events and PNO Attendants from May 1st through Oct 31st. One FT year-round employee (director), 22 seasonal part-time employees and hundreds of volunteers annually.

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740 Fort Knox Road
Propect, ME 04981 


(207) 469-6553

Peninsula Free Health

We offer free medical consultation to uninsured or underinsured patients on a walk-in or by-appointment basis. We can also provide access to free or reduced-cost lab tests and x-rays, and can help you get prescriptions at reduced cost.

All of our staff are dedicated volunteers. Our providers are licensed professionals ready to care for your medical needs.

Come see us to talk about your acute or chronic health concerns. We are happy to help you, our neighbors in the Blue Hill peninsula area.

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26 Hinckley Ridge Rd
Blue Hill, Me 04614 



Maine Maritime Academy

Maine Maritime Academy is a co-educational, public college on the coast of Maine offering programs of study in engineering, management, science, and transportation. The college serves approximately 950 undergraduate and graduate students in career-oriented degree programs. The job placement rate for MMA graduates exceeds 90 percent within 90 days of graduation. The college is consistently recognized for providing a high-value education by organizations such as the Brookings Institution, Money Magazine and U.S. News and World Report. For more information, visit

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One Pleasant Street
Casinte, ME 04420 United States


(207) 326-2659

Cynthia Winings Gallery

When you step through the front door of the Cynthia Winings Gallery in Blue Hill, you enter one of the most dynamic and engaging art spaces in Maine. The humble façade (the building was once a barn) belies its compelling contents, from choice Maine landscapes and thought-provoking narrative and figurative work to abstract and conceptual art of the first order. Two floors of aesthetic surprises and delights await the art aficionado. And a new sculpture garden welcomes you to walk around outdoors and find contemporary sculpture artfully placed in the landscape.

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24 Parker Point Rd
Blue Hill, ME  04614 United States



Bagaduce River Equine Rescue

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit located in Brooksville.  Our mission is to provide food, shelter, farrier and veterinary care to horses and donkeys in need and to find safe, knowledgeable homes after rehabilitation.

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45 Sage Lily Rd
Brooksville, ME 04617 United States



Hatch Community Youth Fund

Charitable organization soliciting donations to support recreational activities and programs for youths in Brooksville, Castine, Penobscot year-round by individual and group applications.
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PO Box 195
Castine, ME 04421 United States


(207) 951-5086


Independent community radio station serving Midcoast, Downeast & Central Maine. Listener supported, volunteer powered.

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1186 Acadia Highway
East Orland, ME 04431 United States


(207) 469-6600

Compass Rose Books

A bookstore for curious minds
We’re a carefully curated bookstore specializing in maritime history, showcasing coastal Maine-based writers, offering a thorough selection of environmental history writing. We’re located in the picture perfect coastal town of Castine, Maine, just up from the town dock. Pull up a chair, pick up a book and point your compass toward an adventure.
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3 Main St
Castine, ME 04684 United States



The Cannery at South Penobscot

The Cannery at South Penobscot presents contemporary experimental art with a focus on sound, music, performance, and the word.  Our mission is to encourage exchanges with local communities and to explore the continua of the arts, sciences, crafts, philosophy, technology and earth practices.  We welcome residencies!  Whether for a few days or for several weeks, we can accommodate individuals or small groups with housing and work space and encourage that the stay culminate in a performance, or an installation, or a reading, or a presentation of some kind which we are always excited to host.
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207 Southern Bay Rd

Penobscot, ME 04476 United States


(207) 326-2027

Eastern Maine Community College Business & Industry

The Center for Business and Industry offers customized trainings for your business. Our vast community college resources, competitive pricing, and innovative training methods set us apart as a prime workforce development tool for businesses.

We also offer a host of credit and noncredit continuing education courses and professional certifications.

Please contact us for a free consultation to see what we can do for your business. The Center for Business and Industry can provide access to community college conference facilities, labs and equipment. We can also help with access to funding resources from the Maine Quality Centers program.

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354 Hogan Road

Bangor, ME 04401 United States


(207) 974-4673

Brooklin Garden Club

Garden club covering Brooklin, Brooksville, Sedgwick and Penobscot.  We also have members from Blue Hill and Deer Isle.

PO Box 267

Brooklin, ME 04616 United States

(207) 359-6584

Union River Center for Innovation

The Union River Center for Innovation is a community-driven business incubator and co-working space supporting startups and entrepreneurs for rapid growth and sustained success. Services include; Business incubator Program, Business coaching Services, and co-working space.

415 Water Street

Ellsworth, ME 04605 United States


(207) 669-6655

The Gatherings

The Gatherings is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with a mission to foster community through sharing, cooperation, learning and the arts.

Our vision is to create a vibrant, multi-use space where anyone can find opportunities for connecting with others, the arts, learning, real food, entertainment and good health.

The building has a big meeting room downstairs with an adjoining small kitchen and café.  A small co-working space is also being set up.  The recently renovated second floor, opening in early 2018, will have a game / craft room and another large open room that can be used for activities such as yoga or meditation.

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1208 Surry Rd.

Surry, ME 04684 United States




FarmDrop is an online farmers market connecting the Blue Hill community to local food producers. From the comfort of their home, customers choose from a variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables, sustainably raised meat, fresh seafood, baked goods, and preserves. Customers order online 10am Saturday – 10am Wednesday and pick up their orders at Fairwinds Florist on Thursday afternoons.
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5 Main St
Blue Hill, ME 04614 


Deer Isle Artists Association

We are a community of artists and patrons who promote the visual arts by exhibiting original work and supporting art education in local schools.  During the summer, the Deer Isle Gallery is open 6 days per week. During the winter, DIAA offers a program called Art matters and individual artist members volunteer to teach workshops in local schools.
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15 Main Street
Deer Isle, ME 04627 



ArtWaves MDI

Your community Arts Center where we connect the community with the power of art in our 3 visual arts studios or our state of the art Dance and movement studio.
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1345 State Highway 102

Bar Harbor, ME 04609 United States



Word: a Blue Hill Literary Arts Festival

Word is a three-day, annual literary festival in Blue Hill, gathering a community of readers and writers to celebrate the written and spoken word alongside those who may not typically be engaged in those pursuits.

While the Blue Hill Peninsula has a rich and vibrant artistic and literary tradition, most literary events occur piecemeal and during the busy summer months while the shoulder season of summer/fall offers few events. In addition, there is no unifying community structure that brings word-lovers together to celebrate. Establishing a festival to occur each October will encourage year- round residents and visitors to connect with one another, enjoying author readings, workshops, performances, and panels without the distractions of the peninsula’s hectic summer schedule. Word will share and promote the many voices of Maine, including local voices not always given the opportunity to be heard, and will seek out diverse voices to ensure a full and rich cultural experience.

In addition to events scheduled throughout the weekend, a literary marketplace will serve as a central meeting ground for the festival, providing vendors and nonprofits an opportunity to share information about their roles in the literary life of the peninsula, as well as encourage festival-goers to interact and engage in crafts and collaborative activities.

In addition to the festival, Word promotes literary events year-round.

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PO Box 347

Blue Hill, ME 04614 United States


(207) 479-4741

The SEED Barn

The SEED Barn is an art gallery, education center and community engagement space that serves as a foundation for SEED :: disperse. The mission of SEED :: disperse is to encourage cross-pollination between the arts and sciences through fine art exhibitions and creative dissemination methods in combination with multi-sensory exploration and education to celebrate the miracle of seeds. Visitors to The SEED Barn are invited to look through the lens of the seed to explore connections between art and science and their personal relationship to the natural world.

53 Falls Bridge Road
Blue Hill, ME 04614 



East Blue Hill Village Improvement Association

Over the years, East Blue Hill, Maine has been home to many families. We’ve built homes, raised children, farmed the land and sailed its waters.  This is a village that is rich in local history and talent, founded by fishermen, ship builders, carpenters, home builders, industrious woodsmen and stone cutters, healers, artists, merchants and farmers and their families. Today, equally hardworking and skilled people are drawn to the beauty and sense of community that the village offers its families, be they full-time or part-time residents.

Blue Hill Congregational Church

Blue Hill Congregational Church

22 Tenney Hill
Blue Hill, ME 04614 USA



Healthy Peninsula

Healthy Peninsula, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, works to improve the health and well being of the residents of the Blue Hill Peninsula, Deer Isle, and Stonington by mobilizing, supporting, and collaborating with community partners. Our work is based in the challenges and needs defined by the communities themselves, and we are currently focusing on three major initiatives: Healthy Aging, Healthy Eating, and Healthy Families. Under Healthy Aging, we are taking a lead role in the Choices That Matter Community Conversations and Age-Friendly Coastal Communities projects. Our Magic Food Bus, Summer Garden Camps in Brooksville and Penobscot, and food-security activities fall under Healthy Eating. We are currently collaborating with both school unions, early-childhood service organizations, and community members on a Early Childhood Community Planning Grant from the Maine Community Foundation, and the work of our Early Childhood Interest Group helps make Healthy Families a reality.
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10 Parker Point Rd
Blue Hill, ME 04614 


(207) 374-3257

Tree of Life Pantry, Inc.

Tree of Life is a nonprofit, volunteer organization dedicated to providing emergency and supplemental food for the community, providing and selling good used clothing, and fostering self-help and education on the Blue Hill Peninsula.

The Tree of Life Food Pantry and TurnStyle Thrift Shop work together as a unique, self-supporting organization. Sale of good quality used clothing at the TurnStyle is the primary source of funding, along with donations, for the Food Pantry.

Food is given free of charge to citizens from the eight towns on the Blue Hill Peninsula: Blue Hill, Brooklin, Brooksville, Castine, Orland, Penobscot, Sedgwick and Surry. No one in need of food is turned away. Currently over 900 families are registered. About 212 families come in for food each week.

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23 South Street
Blue Hill, ME 04614 



Maine Center for Coastal Fisheries

Maine Center for Coastal Fisheries is a non-profit organization that works to secure a diversified fishing future for the communities of Eastern Maine and beyond. We do this by developing and implementing innovative programs that provide value for today’s fishermen and drive more sustainable management approaches for future fisheries. An essential component of our work is connecting the knowledge of fishermen, the findings of scientists, and the world of policy makers.
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13 Atlantic Ave
Stonington, ME 04681 


(207) 367-2708

Nichols Day Camps

Summer Day Camp. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit, originally incorporated in 1963 as Blue Hill Society for Aid to Children doing business as Nichols Day Camps. We host youngsters, both local and from away, between the ages of 5-16 in fun-filled, age-appropriate, and safe outdoor-oriented programs that run for eight weeks each summer.
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40 Camp Lane
Sedgwick, ME 04616 



Shaw Institute and Blue Hill Research Center

55 Main Street
Blue Hill, ME 04614 



Blue Hill Garden Club

We are a charitable organization committed to educating our members and the public about growing plants and applying that knowledge to the beautification of Blue Hill.

PO Box 1118
Blue Hill, ME 04614