Winter Hiking Challenge

1/5/2024 - 3/19/2024    
All Day

All ages are invited to participate in a Winter Hiking Challenge featuring Blue Hill Heritage Trust trails across the Blue Hill Peninsula. Starting on Friday, January 5, there will be a sign posted at nine designated trails and a mystery letter for participants to collect. Hikers will learn about the different trees that can be found around the peninsula, their specific characteristics and how to identify them. Maps for the trails can be found at

Pick up a trail checklist card at the library or email Claire at to have a PDF sent to you.

Visit all of the following trails:

Parker Point to South Street, Blue Hill
Penny’s Preserve, Blue Hill
Hundred Acre Wood, Brooklin
John B. Mountain, Brooksville
Wallamatogus, Penobscot
Caterpillar Hill, Sedgwick
Bluff Head Trail, Sedgwick
Snow’s Cove, Sedgwick
Surry Forest, Surry

The challenge ends on Tuesday, March 19, the first day of spring! Once you have completed all nine trails and assembled the letters to form the mystery word, bring the completed card to the library to receive a prize. All kids will receive a prize for completing the hiking challenge and there will be a prize drawing for adults.

This program is co-sponsored by the Blue Hill Library and Blue Hill Heritage Trust. For more information, email Claire at

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