three reed solos, a duet, a trio

7:30 pm - 9:30 pm
The Cannery at South Penobscot
207 Southern Bay Rd, Penobscot, Hancock, Maine, 04476

three reed solos, a duet, a trio, an evening of pieces, some acoustic, some with electronics, performed by the composers themselves, is the first Collaborative In(ter)vention Series concerts, a series of four consecutive Saturday concerts in which musicians are invited to come and work together before presenting.

Beth Weimann, composer, bass clarinetist and professor at Orono, will perform her 2017 piece, An Anxious Awareness of Danger, which uses material from a Gabriel Kahane song as an electronic source and as a musical quotation. She will also perform an unaccompanied solo acoustic piece.

Kathryn J. Potter, composer and oboist, founder of Oboe Brilliance, hailing from NC, will perform A Dozen Roses, a set of movements for solo oboe, part of her 100 Flower Series composed in 2011; and The Mother & Son Mask Project, a collaboration with her son, the visual artist Ivan Potter-Smith, in which projections of twelve Masks will accompany twelve short, two-voice melodies.

Leslie Ross, composer, improviser and bassoonist, will also perform two pieces: an acoustic solo piece of a short structured score based on the ghazal form; and ~147, which uses multiple microphones placed at tone holes, circular breathing on multiphonics, and quadraphonic speakers to create an enveloping sonic environment.

The program will end with an improvised trio by the musicians.

Price: $5- $15 by donation.

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