Michael Rosenstein solo, AN&R Trio

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Date(s) - 5/25/2019
7:30 pm - 10:00 pm

the Cannery at South Penobscot

Michael Rosenstein solo, AN&R Trio

Admission: by donation, $5- $15

Michael Rosenstein explores the interaction of acoustic and electronic sounds in collectively improvised settings and compositional frameworks. Process is central to his practice. This includes building and modifying sound-gathering devices, amplified surfaces, salvaged instruments, and simple oscillators. It extends to gathering recordings at ocean beaches, bogs, subways, city walks, and as part of architectural investigations utilizing microphones, photo diodes, contact microphones, hydrophones, and electromagnetic sensors. He develops these raw sonic sources, transforming, distressing, and combining them, and feeding off of the unstable sonic results.

AN&R Trio, is a trio of Maine-based musicians -Nate Aldrich (recordings), Steve Norton (reed instruments and electronics) and Leslie Ross (bassoon and electronics)- with nearly 90 years of performance experience among them, they have played experimental and electronic music together since 2015. AN&R creates improvised sound environments using extended instrumental techniques, electronic processing and field recordings that are rich in texture and subtlety.

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