Land and Sea: A Fresh Look at our Region’s Food Future

12:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Bowdoin College
255 Maine St, Brunswick, ME, 04011

Maine and New England food production are experiencing something of a renaissance. Our region is widely viewed as a land of opportunity for increased land and sea-based production and harvesting over the next decade. With this view come predictions of broad and positive economic impact.

But what exactly does the healthy and sustainable expansion of the region’s food production look like? How can major change take place in a manner that strengthens local communities, that improves individual well-being, and strongly supports the land and water resources upon which all production and harvesting depend?

Together we will learn from leading agricultural and marine academics and food system experts about the complexity and interconnectedness of the region’s land and sea-based food system and how this can inform the region’s approach to increased food production.

Please join us in thinking boldly about the exciting and complex opportunities that lie ahead.

Registration information and more details about the speakers will be circulated soon. Questions? Contact Jo D. Saffeir:

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