Jazz at the Barn

7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Surry Arts at the Barn
8 Cross Rd, Surry, Maine, 04684


Fishkill Records came into existence as a way of connecting and energizing a community of musicians who live in New York and sometimes in Maine.  Since then we’ve used it as a way of putting out the music we really want to make in a simple and direct way.  The Fishkill Quintet is made up of five of the main contributors to the label, and we’ll be adapting music from a number of our different projects to create something new and exciting for this group.  The group includes Maine natives Chris Doyle and Ross Gallagher, new Maine resident Danny Fisher-Lochhead, and musical collaborators from Brooklyn, Zach Lane and Kyle Wilson.

…you can find some of our music here:


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