Blue Hill Wine Shop hosts Sammy Richman & 4 courses of Mexican cuisine

7:00 pm
Blue Hill Wine Shop
123 Main St, Blue Hil, ME, 04614

Max says:

I don’t have the moustache downquite yet, but guitar arrived today, and with the extra couple days grace afforded by the weather, I should JUST finish embroidering the britches…
I can well Guarantee the affair will be worth your while…
To Sum Up the Matters under Discussion, What we Propose is as Follows…
Bowing to the DIctates of a Storm-Inclined and Pitiless Mother Nature, we have Moved The Feasting To Mon. Evening, Jan …17 (?) … 7 pm.
Sammy Richman will prepare Four (4) Courses Mexican (NOT Tex-Mex – no tacos, burritos, flopatillas, Chihuahuas, nor any other cheap American Bastardisation of an otherwise noble cuisine)…no – actual MEXICAN food

Cost $35, drinks to be arranged by you, (though we might be able to help on that front)
Satisfaction…Ask those who attended the last one. Some Space Still Available – contact Wineshop.

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