Nature Links at The Historic Hen House

Originally started in Miami Florida by Dr. Gregory Bush, a University of Miami History Professor, Nature Links for Lifelong Learning addresses the often unmet needs of young adults with intellectual disabilities of the middle to higher range.  After high school many have little to do, might not have the social skills to succeed in work situations, but have so much to offer and much to learn. They need continuing education related to the natural world (cooking, gardening, art, healthy habits, job training) and independent life skills of that they may be able to live more independently. Programs  meet live or online 3 days a week, involve travel training, videography, outside speakers.  We seek to empower out young adults and try to make them models of more sustainable habits.  Greg Bush purchased the Historic Hen House in Blue Hill in October 2016. It was originally the home of WERU and Noel Paul Stookey’s Recording studio. It now has apartments and is home base for Nature Links in Maine.

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515 Falls Bridge Rd

Blue Hill, ME 04614 United States

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