Backstage Farm

Backstage Farm Presents its Organic Food Bonanza! You may ask, “What the heck is that?” and so you should, because no one has ever been like Backstage Farm with its dozens of different varieties of vegetables and fruits on a thimble sized plot of land. How do Bill and Elena do it? Two greenhouses, Raised Beds, thirty odd Chickens, a milk farm next door with loads of manure and the best farm land in the county. It is situated in Blue HIll on the land that was the first farm in North Blue Hill, started in 1830. It is now surrounded by the original 500 acres of land, still farmed by horse as it was then, but now by Horsepower Farm. Its size and the many varieties that they plant make each item limited in supply. They overcome this in many cases, by picking to order in the season, (how could you get fresher food then that?) and by growing rare and unusual varieties, not easily found any where else. In addition, with their cabbage, carrots, cucumbers, peppers and beets, they have a year round supply of their “Moxies”brand, Russian Style Sauerkraut, Garlic Pickles, (made without vinegar) and spiced Pickled Beets. Customers can find this year round at the local Blue Hill Co-op, Tradewinds, The Cave in Brooklin and at Backstage Farm. Phone calls are welcome, even if you’re not ordering, as Bill and Elena enjoy sharing their knowledge and experience. So call or email them and ENJOY!

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1361 Pleasant Street
Blue Hill, ME 04614 USA

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